Blue Flag

The Blue Flag Programme for beaches and marinas is run by FEE (the Foundation for Environmental Education) which is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organisation. The Blue Flag Programme promotes sustainable development in freshwater and marine areas. Over the years, Blue Flag has become a highly respected and recognised eco-label working to bring together tourism and environmental sectors at local, regional and national levels. During Blue Flag season, the flag must fly at the beach. The flag is a symbol that the beach participates in the programme and also an indication that it complies with the criteria’s.

3PS Advisory LLP is associated with CEE India which is a National Operator for Blue Flag Program development in India.

Beach nourishment

Beach nourishment also referred to as beach restoration or beach replenishment describes a process by which sediment (usually sand) lost through erosion is replaced from sources outside of the eroding beach. Good beach nourishment practice achieves prevention of coastal erosion (chronic erosion) as well as flooding (safety) & maintaining a wide recreational beach.

3PS Advisory along with Fine Envirotech Engineers, has worked for more than 25 projects under sustainable Beach Nourishment projects in Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Raigad districts. We promote sustainable beach development projects which is beneficial for human and marine population.

Blue Economy

Blue Economy is a term relating to exploitation and preservation of marine environment or simply refers to any economic activity in the maritime sector, whether sustainable or not. Humans derive numerous “market” and “non-market” benefits through Ocean Economies.

3PS Advisory along with Fine Envirotech Engineers, has worked for sustainable Blue Economy for several years through its Marine Projects such as development of ports, marinas, harbours, dredging activities and many other related projects.

We support the initiative by the National Institution for Transforming India, also caIIed NITI Aayog, GoI, to promote SDG#06 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and SDG#14 (Life below water) to support Blue Economy and its benefits.

Sustainability Reporting & GRI

Sustainability Reporting can be described as a public disclosure activity through which an organization voluntarily discloses the impact of its operations and products/services on society and environment. We assist in building/ enhancing internal capacity and developing sustainability champions, hand-holding and supporting organization for their sustainability needs, monitoring and evaluating sustainability performance against national/ global frameworks and standards.

GRI helps businesses and governments worldwide understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being. We provide full support for developing and implementing GRI framework to the companies of India, mapping and linking sustainability performances with SDGs, materiality analysis and report writing.

CSR projects

The term corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has various meanings for different people and companies. CSR is an umbrella term that refers to business practices involving multitude of initiatives that benefit society. CSR is an integral part of the wealth creation process, peripheral to the main business and of business giving back to the society and raising country’s human development index. Practiced correctly, CSR can benefit all stakeholders and serves as a source of competitive advantage.

We help clients establish strong CSR profiles that improve visibility and strengthen relationships and reputation among key stakeholders, linking activities as CSR and developing as in individual in the country. We have the expertise, resources and immense credibility to ensure that the intended beneficiaries gain from our well-structured CSR project.

Innovative & Sustainable Technologies

Technologies have come a long way in the past few decades, driven by triple bottom line (Environmental, Economic, and Social). We promote and assist in implementing new technologies in India.