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About 3PS Advisory LLP

3PS Advisory LLP is promoted by Dr. Umesh Kulkarni who is Managing Partner of 3PS and also proprietor of Fine Envirotech Engineers (FEE). The purpose to initiating 3PS Team is to bring a distinctive equilibrium of creativeness and innovativeness to each distinguished client. We provide proficiency to assist organisations in accomplishing their journey towards sustainable future. The expertise of Dr. Umesh Kulkarni render a strong guiding force for 3PS Advisory LLP in achieving their goals, with the assistance of a team of professionals.


To build and conserve Environmental, Societal and Economical activities for continual development of individual and the society at large.


To conserve and sustainably manage the triple bottom line by strengthening the implementation of conservation measures;
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About Dr. Umesh Kulkarni

Dr. Umesh S. Kulkarni’s journey began with FINE ENVIROTECH ENGINEERS (FEE), which is an independent international environmental consultancy firm, existing for last 27 years, as a sole Proprietor of the company. FEE is a company devoted to assisting on wide range of strategic environmental and sustainability issues like EIA, EDD, GRI & Sustainability Reporting specializing in different sectors.

Progress for him has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that he started “3PS Advisory LLP”- a sustainability arm of FEE in 2018.

Our Solutions

Sustainability is one the newest degree subjects that attempts to bridge social science with civic engineering and environmental science with the technology of the future.
GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives)

Helps businesses and governments worldwide understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being. We provide full support for developing and implementing GRI framework to the companies of India.

Innovative & sustainable technologies

Technologies have come a long way in the past few decades, driven by triple bottom line (Environmental, Economic, and Social). We promote and assist in implementing new technologies in India.

Development of SDGs

India has played an important role in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We assist companies to develop and implement SDGs as there goal for future

CSR projects

Conducting CSR activities for the projects which are mainly for the welfare of the Society is mandatory according to companies Act, April 2014. We assist our clients for linking activities as CSR and developing as in individual in the Country.


We have a focus on industries with questionably the greatest sustainability challenges, include:

Our Associates

Fine Envirotech Engineers (FEE)

Fine Envirotech Engineers (FEE) is an Independent International Environmental Consultancy Firm, existing for last 27 years, owned and headed by Dr. Umesh S. Kulkarni. We provide multidisciplinary advice on a wide range of strategic and project specific environmental and sustainability issues.

FINBIZ Integration Advisors LLP

FINBIZ Integration Advisors LLP, a company offer end-to-end advisory services to clients. They provides tailored independent advice on Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Strategy, Capital raising and Technology Transfer to a wide range of private and public Clientele.

Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)

Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) – centre for Energy Biosciences (DBT-ICT-CEB) is a unique place with integrated basic and translational science capabilities for bioprocess development and scale up. Funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, India, the Centre was established and formally inaugurated in May 2009.

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Dr. Umesh Kulkarni

Managing Partner